St. Petersburg employers clamped down on New Year's corporate parties

Is it justified to hold New Year's corporate events in the current financial situation in the country?

There is no definite answer for the New Year's corporate parties. If a company can afford a New Year's holiday - that's great, but if not - I would recommend paying more attention to summer projects, as it is much more cost-effective.

What should be a New Year's corporate party so that it does not turn into a simple feast?

According to the established tradition, "a simple feast" is the choice of the majority, and often, at the same time, the format most expected by employees. The option, of course, is very commonplace, but with proper organization, there is nothing particularly terrible in it, especially if you organize a feast in the format of some kind of "theme party". It should be borne in mind that significant restrictions are imposed by the weather - during the New Year holidays, it is usually dark and cold. Another argument: "a simple feast" is often the most budgetary option for a holiday. But if all this is overcome, the corporate party goes to a new level, including in terms of efficiency. Within the framework of the whole day, active programs are possible - from skiing and skating to team competitions. Any creative options are suitable for the evening - quests, role-playing games, carnival, filming and much more.

What role do New Year's corporate parties play in creating team spirit, improving the atmosphere in the team?

Of course, with a reasonable organization, New Year's corporate parties work for the team spirit, atmosphere, and so on, but in many respects this is a tradition and prestige, and not a business necessity. Even the most banal summer formats such as "health day" or "family day" to create a team spirit will give a hundred points ahead to any New Year's corporate party. Therefore, I recommend not focusing on these tasks in the new year, and treating the New Year's corporate party for its intended purpose - as a holiday.

Head of the Teambuilding Club company
Nikolay Zagrebelny

For "Moika78"