Black list (beware of fakes)

Some «organizers» copy from us ideas, novelties, site structure, and so on. Sometimes this is done very impudently, and when we find it — please remove the stolen content. If we get a failure — publish here.

We ourselves publish only our photos or photographs, the authors of which allowed us to do this. «Photo from the Internet» is not published for a long time, and others's texts have never been published.

In the news using our April Fools poster - the tip cut off, but the logo "Team Building Club" on the bow of the boat left:

Stolen Team Builing

The original was so:

Stolen Team Builing

Use the name of our legendary competition and program - Team Race :

Stolen Team Builing

Competitions Team Race held by us since 2004.

These characters do not have to us the slightest relation, for some reason, wrote in the title of Team Building Club:

Stolen Team Builing

The official group "Team Building Club" FaceBook

A large number of tekct and photographs, some directly with our logo:

Stolen Team Builing Stolen Team Builing Stolen Team Builing Stolen Team Builing

For robots:

Unfortunately, occasionally there are cases of illegal copy (steal) the intellectual property of "Team Building Club" - the original text and photos, with subsequent submission of such information as their own. For the safety of customers and anti-counterfeiting are here discovered the theft, with proof of ownership. The company "Team Building Club" guarantees that all programs, presented on our site, are original (copyright).