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I want to express to you personally and your entire team a huge appreciation for the organization of our event. The staff said that this is one of the best Saturdays in their lives.


IT company team

Teambuilding News

We publish exclusively our photos or photos, the authors of which allowed us to do this. No “photos from the Internet” - everything you see in the photos is 100% our real projects.

New immersive team building: «Apollo 19»!

New Creative Teambuilding: Puppet Show!

New Military Teambuildings: Nerf and Firetag!

New Creative Teambuildings: Rocket Launch and Goldberg Machine!


City Quest: Photo Challenge

Тимбилдинг Фото Квест
Photo Challenge: is very interesting and not expensive! ... more

Best events in St.Petersburg for 2021:

Saint Petersburg City Quest Photo Challenge

Motorboat City Quest

Treasures of the Fort Boyard Russian Edition on the abandoned island

Quest in the Museum

Offroad 4x4 countryside Jeep safari

Military game Outpost

Real search for ancient coins and antiquities Treasure Hunt

and much more

Latest: Russian Fort Boyard

Russian Fort Boyard
The real Fort Boyard on the island in Kronstadt! ... more

Latest: Goldberg Machine!

Goldberg Machine Team Building
Construction of a series of mechanical devices that are triggered by one another ... more