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Team Building Programs

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best team building - best offer . An elaborated program, we spent a lot of time. In most - it is a very versatile program, suitable for any team and any time of the year.

new team building - latest development :) The new program, which took place not more than three times, but we believe promising and interesting.

team building archive - program to archive . At the moment, the program is not actively maintained (for various reasons), but holding it is possible.

The first thing to consider when choosing a program - the interest of participants (better to choose a program that will be interesting for the majority of the team). Avoid repetitions. If you have difficulty with the selection - fill in the application form, and we will offer the best to you, in our view, the option.

The duration of most programs is about 3 hours. This duration, on the one hand, allows you to achieve the desired goals of team building, and on the other - do not lose interest and attention of participants. But, if necessary, we can organize the program from 1 to 5-6 hours.

Most of the programs offered can be held year round and are not dependent on the season. The optimal time for active programs is morning and early afternoon (before dinner). If late afternoon is more preferable for you, please pay attention to the sunset schedule and keep in mind that it is better to avoid activities at dusk - 30 minutes before and after the sunset (daylight hours in St.Petersburg, Russia). If the only convenient time for you is late afternoon (e.g., in winter when days are short) – we can start the event after sunset. In this case, all the participants are provided with flashlights, and electric or kerosene torches are used to illuminate the pathways and activity locations.

Teambuilding price depends on many factors and is formed individually.

Depending on the purpose, each event on the proposed scenarios can be performed in a variety of formats. This may be a corporate event, training on team building, incentive event for the best employees, Family Day, Health Day, professional holiday, the anniversary of the company and so on. Depending on the format, as a rule, varies the duration of the active part of the event, the presence of a competitive element level of physical activity during the active part of the event. The format is taken into account when choosing a venue for the event.