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Tim Race is one of the types of quest. The basis of the game is orienteering on a paper map and a legend, as well as searching for clues. Players are grouped into teams of 5-6 people, in advance or randomly. A map and legend is given to each player.

The goal of each team is to find the cache. To do this, each team has to overcome the route, which is a sequence of control points that can only be found sequentially. The correct answer to the security question for each point gives the location of the next point, and so on. The team is allowed to split up to simultaneously search for several already known points - this is the main idea of team tactics.

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  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

Points are some stationary objects on the ground with distinctive features that need to be counted / seen / measured, etc. For example, the year the museum was founded, the number of windows on the facade of the building, and so on. The trick is also that the points are located non-linearly - having learned the answer to the next question, you can find a point behind your back - here team tactics become extremely important - you need to tell the coordinates to the one who is closest to the point.

Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

For operational communication within the team - all players are given walkie-talkies, while each team communicates on its own wave.

Teambuilding can take place in any semi-urbanized environment, such as the suburbs of St. Petersburg - Vyborg, Pushkin, Petrodvorets, as well as in the historical center of the city (most interesting for teams from other cities). The game can vary widely in time, the optimal duration is 3 hours.

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