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Scavenger Hunt

Best places for this game around St. Petersburg: Vyborg, Kronstadt, Novgorod, Peterhof, city center.

Based on orienteering, you use a map, legend and clues, which you will have to find in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt
  • Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

Players are divided in advance or at random into teams of 5-6 people, and every player is provided with a map and a legend.

The aim of each team is to find a cache. To do this, each team has to follow the route, which consists of a number of control points, which can only be found one by one, by giving the correct answer to the questions which you will get at each point. If you answer the question correctly, you will get the location of the next point. The team is allowed to separate to operate more efficiently – this is the basic idea behind team strategizing. “Control points” can be represented by any stationary object on the ground (like a transformer vault or a well) with some distinctive features that should be counted \ found \ measured, etc. For example, the number of the transformer vault, the last two digits of the year the well was built, etc. The trick is that the points have a nonlinear layout. By giving the correct answer to a question, you may find a control point just behind your back. It’s here where team strategy helps a lot; it is more efficient to give the coordinates to the player on your team who is closest to the point. Make sure that at least half of the team (preferably all) have mobile phones, and everyone knows each other's numbers. The game can take place in any urban environment, like a city center (which would be especially interesting for non-resident teams) or semi-urban environment, such as suburbs of St. Petersburg - Vyborg, Pushkin, Petrodvorets, etc. The game can widely vary in length, from 2 or 3 up to 24 hours, and in the complexity of the route.

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