Corporate team at amateur competitions

Amateur competitions are competitions designed for a typical office employee, that is, not for athletes, but for us. Organize such competitions, as a rule, the same office staff in their free time. What for? Because it's interesting. And organize, and participate.

Who participates in such events? As it is easy to guess, it's the very same office employees who are tired of sitting in the office. Learn about the upcoming event from the Internet, register - and forward, the benefit for participation, as a rule, does not require any sports experience, no special equipment. The teams are usually united on the principle of "friends and friends of friends", but there are also "corporate" teams that act under the flag of their native company.

Corporate teams consist of employees of the same organization, the name of such a team usually reflects the name of the company. Corporate teams, as a rule, receive any support from the leadership (if the participants themselves are not management :), for example, the reflection of the results in a corporate newspaper or on a board of honor, although participation itself, of course, is entirely voluntary.

Corporate Team Building Activities in St.Petersburg, Russia

Is it possible to count on winning? Surprisingly, in many cases - yes, you can. Since those competitions, about which we are talking, are calculated just for the "unprepared" public. And although the main motto is "The main thing is not victory, the main thing is participation", with due diligence you can be "in prizes."

Is there an "external" advertising effect for the company from the "corporativeness" of the team? - alas, very insignificant, even if from head to foot obveshatsya their own advertising.The reason - a relatively small audience of participants and viewers. competitions, as a rule, are not broadcast for hours on television, and television is the main tool for promoting advertising in competitions, be it the Olympics or the World Darts Championship.

But, nevertheless, there is a positive result, the truth is basically "internal": First, the image of the company rises among its own employees - even if our team hopelessly "merged", the very fact of participation, as a rule, is remembered with a plus sign. Secondly, the participants themselves often acquire additional skills that can be useful to them at work, for example, everyone's favorite team spirit.

Corporate Team Building Activities in St.Petersburg, Russia

Is it dangerous? - Of course, it's dangerous. But it is not more dangerous than crossing the street in the place where there is a pedestrian crossing, but there is no traffic light - and after all, everyone ever did it, and many do it every day several times. With any additional danger with respect to everyday life, such competitions are usually not connected, but nevertheless lying on the couch with a mug of beer is certainly safer. And yet - always remember something that you do dangerously exactly as much as you want it to. Whether it's driving through city streets by car or running along an escalator.

It's also worth noting that most of these projects are non-commercial. That is, the organizers do everything in their free time. And you on these projects are "participants", not "guests" or "clients". This means that you should obey the rules of these competitions, regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

Director of the Tim Building Club company
Nikolai Zagrebelny

For «Corporate Leisure and Training» Magazine