Interview St.Petersburg Times

- What is in the nuances of corporate events that need to be considered? Perhaps the personal characteristics of employees, or something else.

The short answer is - it is necessary to consider the purpose of the event. Generally it is too broad a question - something like "that need to be considered to make a good car." Must take into account everything - from wishes, previous experience events, the amount and composition of staff activities of the company, up to the time of year, location, duration, budget, and so on.

- How do companies choose which activities best done for their employees?

There should be interesting, qualitatively organized, efficient, relevant objectives of the event.

Corporate Team Building Activities in St.Petersburg, Russia

- Can you advise how often should conduct team building? And management to understand that it is time to organize such events?

If there are preconditions - such as the arrival of new employees into the company, the launch of the project, the merging of departments and so on - that at the initial stage of the work, after all administrative actions. But, as the team almost every company is constantly updated, often events are held on a calendar basis - for example, one summer, one in winter. Sometimes events are timed to the "birthday of the company" or professional holidays, which is also quite justified.

- What not to do in the organization in order to avoid the reverse effect. What are the restrictions in this area? any recommendations?

The organizers - it is impossible to cheat, not be treated carelessly to work, you can not do the same thing several times for one team. Participant - can not be used in the morning alcohol. References - love their job, constantly coming up with something new, security monitoring.

Corporate Team Building Activities in St.Petersburg, Russia

- Why should result in a well-organized event, and that may be the case wrong approach to the corporate culture?

Right-organized event should lead to an increase in sales. In practice, to assess the financial performance of an activity is extremely difficult to assess the availability and effectiveness of participants are not interested in what happens throughout the event, the absence of conflict, the presence of good memories of participants for at least a year after the event. In the case of the wrong approach - everything can be respectively opposite.

Zagrebel'nyi Nicholas, director of "Team Building Club" October 12, 2009 for the St.Petersburg Times