Teambuilding vs timspirit

ER - What is Team Building? And what is timspirit? What tasks lie in their based on?

Teambuilding - a method of improving productivity through the introduction of the principles of cooperation within the team. "At one achieves more" - if the efforts of each team member are aimed at achieving common first, and only then private purposes, each will receive more than the quest for private purposes only.

Timspirit - this is one of the results of the use of team-building, as a method. Is, as a rule, in general positive attitude on the team teamwork and positive internal relations in general. Creating timspirita is the most common, and at the same time the most common task team building.

In addition to creating timspirita, teambuilding activities can address more narrowly focused - a clear awareness of the team overall objectives, roles, trust, situational leadership, the establishment of communication and decision-making processes, responsible for the overall result, and so on.

In the Russian practice, there are quite conventional division into "team building" and "timspirit."

ER - Is it important difference - or is it a ploy to sell?

The division into "team building" and "timspirit" is not quite correct - as already stated above, timspirit is one of the objectives of team building. Rightly divide the team building on the "training" (in the terminology of the author's question - actually "team building") and "active" (in the terminology of the author's question - "timspirit"). The difference is present, but both areas largely overlap.

ER - What can give examples of both directions?

The division into "training" and "active" can be characterized as follows:

ER - What real projects dominate in Russia - still "Building" or "spirit"?

The project "active rest" ("spirit") is undoubtedly more - because, firstly, they are designed for a much larger number of participants, and, most importantly, the objective need for them is much higher. Projects of "active rest" should be carried out regularly, while "training" - in the event of specific need.

ER - What are the most interesting and demonstration projects of these areas have been implemented by your company?

We have every year to develop new programs, so I'm interested in is basically what has yet to be this summer. From what has been - shooting movies, quests, voynushka, trophy raids. "Ropes Course" and analogues long relegated to the third plan, now our opportunities are much wider than they were even five years ago.

The head of the company "Team Building Club" Nicholas Zagrebel'nyi

Saint-Petersburg, March 25, 2010