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A quest in a museum combines a visit to a museum and an exciting team game. All teams are given access to a specially designed application containing the location of exhibits, tasks and tips on the territory of the museum. Solving a series of simple, but interesting and informative tasks, each team moves along the quest scenario, opening more and more new locations.

Teambuilding Museum Quest

The game is competitive, and at the same time very gambling, although it does not depend on the speed of completing tasks, and even more so on the speed of moving around the museum. Thanks to this, team building in the museum turns an ordinary excursion into an exciting team adventure in the style of the DaVinci Code. The scenario has a lot of non-standard turns, while there are no game "dead ends" and all teams are guaranteed to reach the finish line sooner or later.

The game actively uses photo, audio and video content that tells about the most interesting and iconic exhibits. In terms of the quantity and quality of the information received, the quest in the museum completely replaces the classic tour, and thanks to the gamification of the presentation of information, it significantly exceeds it in terms of effectiveness.

Teambuilding Museum Quest

The best options for a Quest in a museum in St. Petersburg:

  • Quest in Erarta
  • Quest in the Hermitage
  • Quest in the Russian Museum
  • Quest at the Artillery Museum
  • Quest at the Naval Museum
  • Quest in the Kunstkamera
  • Quest at the Ethnographic Museum
  • Quest at the Zoological Museum
  • Quest at the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic
  • Quest on the cruiser Aurora
  • Quest at the railway transport museum
  • Quest at the Faberge Museum

Team building in the museum can be held at any time of the year, in any weather, in any city and in any country.

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Teambuilding Museum Quest

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