Christmas party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Treasure hunt

Search hidden in the forest treasure chest. To this end, each team consisting of about 8 people, is a series of logical and sports tests, collecting treasure map of the location. Fragments card teams are overcoming various active team tasks, such as:

  • Fence - to build the crossing of the "abyss", use three poles and a piece of rope,
  • Carlson - collect balls scattered across the field in a hammock suspended party with the help of braces, control commands,
  • Water - with the help of gutters roll the balls in the basket to basket,
  • Mat - turn over the carpet, without dismounting from his entire team,
  • Ostrich - to overcome the route in constructions like the letter A, control commands,
  • Steps - to overcome several barriers with bound feet,
  • Ant - to get the fallen in the anthill "apple" with sticks as a team,
  • keys - move the keys using a "template", managed Sway team from start to finish.

Depending on the venue, can also be arranged rope course tasks - jump on the trapeze, climbing wall, and various games with animators.

All the teams involved at the same time on different tasks. Each team in the game constantly accompanies presenter.

The duration of the game - an average of 3 hours may vary at will. The ending of the program is the grand opening of the chest and award winners and all the players.

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