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Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

St. Petersburg Photo Quest

aka Scavenger Hunt / Treasure Hunt

Quest: go to website, look for landmarks, answer questions, load photos, earn points, get a prize :)


The goal of the game - to earn maximum points.

Points are awarded for correct answers to questions. Use the Map to find the corresponding object in the city, and answer the question correctly. Each team has three attempts to enter the answer to each question.

The team with the first correct answer to the question - gets 100 points, the second - less, the third - still less, and so on. The exact number of points depends of the number of teams and smoothly changes from 100 to 10. If there is no answer or a wrong answer - the team does not get points for this question.

Also, points are awarded for uploaded photos. Team building organizers checks photo compliance, and if a photo is accepted - team receives a fixed number of points, regardless of upload time. Number of points depends on the number of teams, averaging from 10 to 25 points.

Before the start you can not see questions and they locations. After the end - questions remain visible, but you cant enter the answer or upload a photo. After game finished you will see your score and overall place.

Number of players in each team in teambuilding is not limited (from one to infinity).

You can answer the questions and upload pictures in any order.

Enjoy the game!

Historical places for small collectives: Ivangorod fortress, Old Ladoga fortress, Oreshek fortress, Kexholm and Koporye.

Quest is perfect for organization of team building abroad: for example in Finland (Helsinki, Turku) or Estonia (Tallinn), as well as in any other city of the planet.

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