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St.Petersburg City Quest

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St.Petersburg City Quest is a hybrid Scavenger Hunt / City Treasure Hunt team building aimed to improve:

And consisting of a cool competition, visiting interesting places, a little bit sport, and a lot of fun!

The quest works through an application of our own development, which is constantly supplemented with new features. The application works through a browser, does not require installation on a smartphone, is suitable for IOS and Android of any version. The application requires Internet access, but traffic consumption is minimal: 3G is enough for stable operation, and even on Edge, performance is maintained.

Thanks to the application, team building around the city turns into an exciting and gambling game, in which an interactive map will show the teams the way. The application features allow you to use photo, video and audio content both for tasks and for receiving feedback from teams.

Thanks to many years of experience in conducting quests, we will prepare the most interesting route for any selected area of ​​any city, and the automatic scoring system will impartially determine the champions.

Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest

The basis of the quest with tablets: we go to the site from any smartphone or tablet, and we get access to the map and the list of tasks. We are looking for the most interesting sights, answering tricky questions, shooting and uploading perky photos, collecting victory points, and getting a prize.

Best Locations for the Photo Challenge

Center of St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Pskov, Kronstadt, Veliky Novgorod, Petergof, Ruskeala. Also, for team building with tablets, the following are perfect: Yelagin Island (Park "TsPKiO"), Catherine's Park, Tsarskoye Selo.

Historical places of the Leningrad region are suitable for small groups: Ivangorod fortress, Staraya Ladoga fortress, Oreshek fortress, Kexholm, Koporye.

Quest with smartphones is ideal for organizing team building abroad: quest in Istanbul, Quest in Yerevan, Quest in Tbilisi as well as in any other city on the planet.

The quest is perfect for getting to know the city, and completely replaces the classic excursions.

St.Petersburg City Quest Photo

  • Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest
  • Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest
  • Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest
  • Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest
  • Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest
  • Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest
  • Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest


Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest

The goal of the photo quest is to score the maximum number of points.

Points are awarded for correct answers to security questions. Use the Map of points to find the corresponding object in the area and answer the question correctly.

In the case of a correct answer, the team receives points, depending on the time of the answer. The exact number of points for each place depends on the number of teams. If there is no answer or the answer is wrong, the team does not receive points for the question.

Points are also awarded for uploaded photos that match the tasks. If the photo is credited, then for each photo the team receives a certain number of points, regardless of the time the photo was uploaded.

It is not possible to view the questions and the location of the objects before the start of the game. After the end of the game time, the team sees the number of points scored and the place taken.

The number of players in one team building team is not limited (from one to infinity).

You can answer questions and upload photos in any order.

Good Luck!

Petersburg themed quests:

  • The secret mission "Agent 078" is about spies and anti-spies.
  • Quest "Palace Secrets" - secrets and intrigues of the imperial family.
  • The mysterious quest "Mystical Petersburg" - all the most inexplicable and incredible in St. Petersburg.
  • Exquisite quest "Petersburg Bohemia" - the life of the "creative intelligentsia": artists, poets and writers of St. Petersburg.
  • Detective "Streets of Broken Lanterns" - invisible to the naked eye fight against villains.
  • Naval Traditions - all maritime locations in St. Petersburg: Aurora and the Admiralty, New Holland and St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral.
  • "Kronstadt Arsenal" - a quest in Kronstadt about the Navy.


Photocross is one of the PhotoChallenge options, in which, in addition to the speed and correctness of completing photo tasks, the artistic component of photos is evaluated. Photo tasks of the "Photocross" team building are either immediately available for participants to complete from the moment the game starts, or open after a certain period of time. Photocross also works through a mobile app.

Teambuilding St.Petersburg City Quest

St.Petersburg City Quest Feedback


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