Christmas party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Quest for fire

The action takes place in Stone Age. Troglodytes are preparing for another hunting season - stocking up (storing) mammoth carcasses, bones, animal skins and firewood. The garlands of dried ferrets have already been hung up; the women have preserved mushrooms and berries. But all of a sudden an unexpected hurricane blows out all the fires – with no fire people are doomed to extinction. The only hope for these people is to try to call the holy fire using an ancient ritual performed by the The Worthy One.

There is a lot of firewood prepared for a big fire in the middle of the forest clearing. The aim of the game is to choose the Worthy One and introduce him to the Shaman of the tribe. According to the legend, after the Worthy One is chosen and the sacred ritual is performed, the fire will appear to mark the beginning of a new hunting season. To select the Worthy One, the teams compete in a hunt for rhinos, snake-catching, rock art and a tambourine dance. Upon the completion of all the tasks, each team selects a candidate to introduce to the Shaman. The shaman presides over the final race of the chosen competitors, and then the winner goes through the rite of passage and becomes a new Chief of the tribe, and gets the secret of fire acquisition from the Shaman.

Optional activity: Medieval workshop.

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