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New active programs: Minecraft-Battle and Cardboard Regatta!

The first team building program compiled by Artificial Intelligence: Forest Wings

New Quiz added Seventh Sense

Updated and expanded Big Picture

Added Valdai Quest and updated Pskov, Novgorod and Vyborg

Wine, Beer and Whiskey Casino and Game Masters!

New immersive team building: «Apollo 19»!

New Creative Teambuilding: Puppet Show!

New Military Teambuildings: Nerf and Firetag!

New Creative Teambuildings: Rocket Launch and Goldberg Machine!

New Creative Team Building - Pinhole Photography!

For the most sporty teams - Obstacle Race!

In the last days of winter - Ice Sculpture!

For a snowy winter - hot Winter Games!

New indoor team building: Quest in the Museum.

Added several incentive programs: Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia.

New team building program: TRP complex.

New team buildings: Boat Quest and Imperial Porcelain.

Added a section of team building: travel for 2 days . This is an interesting place near St. Petersburg, where you can organize team building.

The program is added: Role game "Wild West" .

The program is added: Hike .

Added programs: Photo Challenge and Finding the Treasure .

A pair of team building programs has been added: Big Tier and Radio Day .

Added two new quests: Business Quest Kin-Dza-Dza and Leave the Room .

As part of the preparations for the New Year, a new dance program has been added: One-to-one .

Added videos to Radio-controlled models .

Unbelievable, but the fact - the "color" of the team affects the result! We came to this conclusion after years of observation of teams that have distinctive signs of different colors (T-shirts, bandanas, ribbons, etc.). It turns out that the most "winning" colors - red, orange and their shades. Of course, color affects the result quite a bit - but, nevertheless, the effect is. We explain this by the fact that the colors of the red scale are the most "exciting" :) This, by the way, is confirmed by the color explorers of the form of professional athletes.
Discussion Vkontakte

Added video to Chain Reaction and Great Regatta .

Added Country of the Rising Sun and Zombie Apocalypse .

Added programs: Flight into the Stratosphere , Chicago 30x and Forts of Kronstadt .

See the report on the "Zombie Race 2014" on TV100 channel.

Read the interview for St. Petersburg Times and see video with us on STO .

Added a new program Flashmob and Big Dancing .

Article Teambuilding is gaining popularity in Russia (machine translation from the English version of the article). The article gives the opinion of the employees of the Tim Building Club on some issues.

A new sports and technology program and Chain Reaction are added.

Company Teambuilding Club in the report of the First Channel and the Russia Channel 1.

By the new seasons we have added new programs: Bullet shooting , Radio-controlled models , Building a house and Bullet shooting

Be careful of fakes of our team building programs.

Added Big Dancing , Bullet Shooting and Radio-controlled models .

Added programs Building a house , Airsoft and Hunting for a fox .

Added Brain Ring , Theater and Orchestra and Lasertag .

Added Tutorial , Bike Path and rally in India .

Added Traveling in Britain , Mafia and rally in Morocco .

Added for those who love fishing , incentive and In search of Captain Grant .

Another new program for those who are on wheels , for those who are tearing up and for real extremals .

New program for foreign visitors , Treasures of Alexander Nevsky and Fighting for the Fire .

Quiz for survival: check your knowledge! about extreme survival!

We are at the SRT: Read the interview for St. Petersburg Times and see the video with us on STO .

Interview: Article about team building , published in the newspaper "Your secret adviser" on the grounds of an interview with the head of the Tim Building Club company, February 2007. The author of the article is a journalist Mikhail Kondratovich.

Video about us: see the "Instruction for use" of teambuilding. In the role of the leader and the hut-on-the-chicken legs - employees of the company Tim Building Club.

We are pleased to announce that by the coming season we have prepared for you new programs, added a photo gallery, the site also added the programs "Treasures of Alexander Nevsky" and "Struggle for Fire." We are waiting for you in the new season!

A new project from the Tim Building Club: we launched a new project, Trophy-Reid KURKIKEKI. Details on the site of the project .

News of the struggle for fire: in connection with the growing popularity of the script "Struggle for Fire," we purchase a new, even more authentic props, introduce new characters and develop additional storylines. New characters are gaining popularity, both among participants and among instructors, and new plot twists are the perfect ground for unofficial solutions by teams of assigned tasks.

Quest: we are expanding the repertoire! July 23 was a test launch of a new program under the working title "quest". The role of the instructor in this program is partially given to the characters, partially assigned to the shoulders of the participants themselves, which contributes to a more natural distribution of role models. As a result, the program allows you to qualitatively expand the opportunities for team building and teamwork skills.

Photos from the program "Military Extreme" you can see in our photo gallery. Last weekend partners of the company "Megafon" took part in storming and destroying an abandoned military unit, in which a gang of militants took cover. The gang is destroyed. There are no victims among the participants in the operation and civilians.

The second place in the competition The Way of the Samurai XI was taken by the team of the Tim Building Club. On November 10-11, the "Samurai Way XI" competitions took place in which Tim Building Club team took the 2nd place in the fiercest struggle, losing to the leaders only 13 points.