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Evening party

Steampunk Quest

Yellow pants - twice «ku»

You find yourself on the planet Plyuk Couple "KC" in his pocket. Plyuk - planet in the galaxy Kin-Zsa-Zsa, or rather, at the very edge of it. It is a backward culture and economy of the planet, on the one hand, creates great difficulties for life, but on the other - opens up opportunities for business. You can go to etsih sell "KC", with the proceeds to buy more chatlov gravitsapu, and sell it on the black market at a price three times higher. And then five. Importantly, do not forget to do "ku" before etsiloppom and pay a couple chatlov holder yellow pants. Speaking of pants - you can buy them, too. And take a "tax" to the less savvy players. And then - of course, buy the planet Hanud air to it and - here it is happiness - at all do not care, have fun.

This team building - a big business game (business simulation) based on the movie "Kin-Dza-Dza". We need constantly to buy something, and still sell. To plan tactics and strategy. Choose between "a little, but now" and "a lot, but then." Team game, competition. Teams interact with the world and each other. Held outdoors in the summer or in the room at any time of the year. Despite the fantastic world of the galaxy "Kin-Dza-Dza", our teambuilding accurately reproduces the business model is simply an organization in a competitive environment and can be used as a business training.

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