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Brain Battle

A great option for intelligent team building for teams up to 30 people (up to 5 teams). For teams from 30 people (from 5 teams) - we recommend the game Quiz!.

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Our unique microprocessor brain quiz complex consisting of buttons and lamps for teams and remote and timer for the master, allows you to organize simultaneous trivia games to 10 teams. The system was developed in the company Team Building Club and has no analogues.


Brain Battle - an analogue of the game "Trivia" and "Quiz" for a number of teams competing with each other. This corporate game can participate from two to six (or more) teams of six people (the number of players in the team and can vary from 4 to 8 people). The game "tournament" - in two or three stages for more teams - first game 2-3 separate commands and then semi-finals and finals.

The organizers of the games are preparing a number of interesting issues that are unambiguous answers (usually 20-30, but not less than 10). Questions are prepared so that the players can know or can guess to the responses to them. Unacceptable use of questions, the answers to which players obviously do not know. The most interesting are the questions, the answers to which may be obtained by logical reasoning.

The teams are seated at tables, each of which is "button". Leading announces the question - then the timer starts, and the teams have 60 seconds to discuss. As soon as any of the teams ready to respond - she presses a button, while on the table, the lamp, and the timer stops.

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  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle
  • Teambuilding Brain Battle

If the team answered correctly - she gets one point. If the answer is wrong team - all other commands given to the discussion of the remaining time to 60 seconds. If the team pressed the button at the last second - the rest is given an additional 20 seconds for discussion. If after this time the correct answer is not received - with the following question is played by two points. If the second time in a row is not given the correct answer, played 3 points. If the team clicks on the button in the first second and does not give the correct answer, responded players removed before the end of the round.

Generally, 3 (or more) round of play. To win a round, teams need to dial 5 points (may vary depending on the number of teams playing). To win the game you must win two or more rounds. If the different rounds won different teams, the winner is determined by a critical issue.

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