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Incentive: 2 days

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Holding a certification program GTO (LRD): the national physical culture and sports at the complex "Ready for Labor and Defense".

In team building there are two options for the event:

1. Certification of GTO the big sport on holiday in, health day, family day or any other format for team building.

2. Certification of GTO independently of one event. Winners and summing up the Ministry of the interior awarded Possible. Perhaps in groups and summarizing the team standings....

The program the GTO is required courses and tests. Please note that a person can take in one day is impossible) standard. Guidelines, According to published on the official website, one day it is possible to perform three or four kinds of standards testing (test).

Playground depending on the opportunity, selected disciplines:

  • Run 100 m
  • Running on 2 / 3 km
  • Pulling from hang on high / not low bar
  • a Snatch of 16 kg kettlebell / Bending and straightening arms in lying on the floor in emphasis

  • lean forward from a standing position with your feet on a gym bench direct
  • highest Jump in length / seat with
  • Raise the torso from the supine position
  • Methane weight interested in sports and attracts many of the projectile 500 / 700 g
  • cross-country skiing on 3 / 5 km
  • Cross-country
  • Float for 50 people, I
  • shooting from an air rifle from a standing position or sitting
  • weapons Shooting from a standing position or sitting in an electronic from
  • check the camping Tourist tourism skills

the official website you can find detailed regulations for the GTO.

to ensure that the results were officially registered - requires registration on the official website GTO I'm getting a reference number. In this case, when it is necessary for the execution of the test number, members get badges - Gold, Silver or Bronze.

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