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Firetag is a lasertag game with a weapon firing blank cartridges. The fire, loud shots, flying hot shells - everything is very realistic, a sea of thrills and adrenaline. At the same time, playing the firetag is safer than the paintball - players hits in the same way as in the lasertag by the laser module mounted on the weapon and sensors on the players uniform.

To protect against powder gases, and the possible release of small particles from the barrel when firing blank cartridges, players wear safety glasses during firetag teambuilding.

Teambuilding runs on any open area - the paintball or lasertag field or any accessible area. The area does not need to be fenced - it is completely safe to watch the game from a distance of more than ten meters. When choosing a site, it should be noted that after the game spent cartridges remain, and if they do not add to the surroundings you need to take care of their disposal.

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  • Teambuilding Firetag
  • Teambuilding Firetag
  • Teambuilding Firetag
  • Teambuilding Firetag
  • Teambuilding Firetag

Also available is the firetag shooting range - a complete imitation of a firearm shooting range that can be arranged at any site.

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