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One-two-three-day adventure trips around the Leningrad region and Karelia. Depending on preferences, the following objects to visit may be included in the program:

Depending on the time of year and wishes, off-road cars, motor boats, snowmobiles, bicycles, rafts and kayaks are used, as well as trekking routes of varying complexity and length - from two hours to a whole day. Meals are organized by our own catering team. In the case of a multi-day trip, accommodation is organized in hotels (at recreation centers) or in a tent camp with the provision of all necessary equipment. The maximum number of participants varies depending on the program, with an average of 10 to 50 people.

Many other programs presented on our website are also available for international guests. The company has a staff of English-speaking employees, and an interpreter is invited to translate into other languages.

Teambuilding Around Saint Petersburg

An example of a program for two days for ten people:

First day:

9:00 Start by bus from St. Petersburg.

11:00 Arrival in Losevo.

11:00-12:30 Rafting along the Losev rapids.

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Start on off-road four-wheel drive vehicles towards Karelia.

14:30 Stop in Priozersk to see the medieval fortress Korela.

16:00 Arrival at the place of overnight stay (tent camp).

16:00-17:30 Hiking between lakes on a rocky landscape, beautiful views, the opportunity to see various animals and birds.

18:00 Dinner.

19:00 Theoretical lesson on the use of climbing equipment and rope work. Safety briefing.

20:00 Big fire.

Second day:

8:00 Breakfast.

8:30 Re-briefing on rope work and safety.

9:00-12:00 Climbing (with professional instructor insurance) on natural terrain. Descent, ascent along trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

12:00-13:00 Swimming on the lake in an inflatable kayak (optional).

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Start by SUVs towards St. Petersburg. Overcoming an off-road section - it is possible to build a bridge over a ditch, use a winch.

15:00 Inspection of the granite foundations of old farms, cellars.

16:00 Start to St. Petersburg.

19:00 Stop to inspect the concrete structures of the Mannerheim Line or the Karelian Fortified Area.

21:00 Arrival in the city.

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