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One day adventures

For foreign guests we offer one-two-three-day journey of adventure in Russia: Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region and Karelia. Depending on the preferences of the program may include the following facilities for visiting:

  • The ancient Russian churches, monasteries, mansions, ancient settlements - including abandoned, inaccessible, and other stone and wooden architectural monuments,
  • Kronstadt forts - Fort Alexander I (Plague), hoops, Totleben (with delivery in water)
  • Military fortifications and monuments - concrete pillboxes Mannerheim Line and the Karelian fortified area (with delivery to the SUV), rail guns of Fort Krasnaya Gorka, the remains of the famous Fort Ino,
  • Natural objects - rocks northern Ladoga (including an array of Hawk Lake), Ladoga Skerries (delivered to your boat), the river Ragusha, Lava River Canyon, gabbronorites Scheleyki;)
  • Medieval Fortress - Koporye, Korella (Priozersk), Vyborg, Ivangorod, Nut, Staraya Ladoga,
  • The island of Valaam delivered to your boat,
  • The monastery island Konevets,
  • The island of Hogland,
  • The caves, quarries and catacombs in Sablino, Staraya Ladoga and other places,
  • Karedzhsky lighthouse (with delivery in water)
  • The organization of hunting and fishing in remote places.

To move depending on the time of year and wishes are used off-road vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, boats, rafts and kayaks, as well as trekking routes of varying difficulty and length - from two hours to a full day. Power organizes its own catering team. In the case of a multi-day trip - organized lodging in hotels (recreation centers), or in a camp with the provision of all necessary equipment. The maximum number of members varies depending on the program, an average of from 10 to 50.

Many of the other programs listed on our website, can also be performed for foreign visitors. The company has a staff of English-speaking employees to translate into other languages ​​an interpreter.

Sample program for two days for ten people:

The first day:

9:00 Start by bus from St. Petersburg.

11:00 Arrival in Losevo.

11: 00-12: 30 Rafting Losevskaya rapids on rafts (2 alloy).

12:30 Lunch.

13:00 Start off-road four-wheel drive cars in the direction of Karelia.

14:30 Stop in Priozerske to explore a medieval fortress "Korela».

16:00 Arrival at the place of lodging (camp).

16: 00-17: 30 Tracking (walking tour) between the lakes on rocky terrain, beautiful views, a chance to see a variety of animals and birds.

18:00 Dinner.

19:00 theoretical lesson on the use of climbing equipment and work with a rope. Safety training.

20:00 Bonfire.

The second day:

8:00 Breakfast.

8:30 A review of the work with a rope and safety.

9: 00-12: 00 Climbing (with insurance professional instructor) on natural terrain . Descent, climbing routes of varying difficulty.

12: 00-13: 00 Heats on the lake on an inflatable kayak (optional).

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 Start off-road in the direction of St. Petersburg. Overcoming the off-road area - possible construction of a bridge across the ditch, the use of the winch.

15:00 Inspection granite foundations of old farmhouses, cellars.

16:00 Start in St. Petersburg.

19:00 Stop for inspection of concrete structures Mannerheim line or Karelian fortified area.

21:00 Arrival in the city.