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Countryside Biking Tour

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Travel by bike in beautiful nature for two or more days.

By using the bicycle as a means of transportation - a bicycle quest allows you to use a much larger area for the game and significantly diversify the tasks.

Teambuilding Countryside Biking Tour

This team building may include competitive elements, e.g., map reading, GPS-navigating and legend orienteering. You can choose trail’s difficult level – easy or medium. Also, as a rule, the trail includes “cultural navigation’ elements, where you will have to find and explore some historical, natural and architectural attractions.

Also, some competitive and special elements can be included in the program, such as, "the art of slow riding," or a professional bike-show.

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  • Teambuilding Countryside Biking Tour
  • Teambuilding Countryside Biking Tour
  • Teambuilding Countryside Biking Tour
  • Teambuilding Countryside Biking Tour

In the case of a two-day trip, all the camping equipment and food are transported by car. However, the participants will have to put up tents, organize the camp, make fire and cook their own food, though under the supervision of experienced instructors.

The bikes can be provided by the organizers, or you can use your own. All camping equipment (tents, mats, sleeping bags) can also be provided. The optimal number of participants is up to 50 people.

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