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Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Knight Tournament

The action takes place in 1241. The squad of Alexander Nevsky, after a long siege of the fortress, forces the Swedes to surrender. The Swedish king Magnus Eriksson escapes through a secret passage, hastily hiding all the valuables, including his crown, hoping to come back, but this time with the knights of the Livonian Order. Gabriel Aleksich tries to pursue him but fails.

During this short break most of his treasure is left locked in a very heavy chest, placed on a high platform in the middle of the fortress, but the keys are missing. The prince’s group sets off to find the keys. They find some huge heavy jugs in one of the fortress’ dungeons, and the keys to the chest at the bottom of the jugs. But the jugs have such narrow necks, that you cannot put your hand inside. To get the keys out, the jugs should be filled with some magic liquid, which will force the keys to the surface.

The aim of each team is to go through a variety of challenging tasks to collect enough magic liquid to fill up the jug to be able to pick up the keys and open the treasure chest...

Optional activity: Medieval workshop.

  • team building Knight Tournament
  • team building Knight Tournament