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Incentive: 2 days

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The basis of team building - walking route for one or two days in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The route is planned on the basis of the following principles:

  • The maximum varied landscape, with different "biomes" - spruce, pine, deciduous forest, fields, marshes, coastal lakes, streams and rivers - all that can be found within the route of the region. This ensures the maintenance of the interest of participants and great photos.
  • Moving mostly on hiking trails, or none at all, and to a lesser extent - on the roads. This allows you to route a relatively easy, with the presence of various natural barriers: swamps, small river crossings. Joint overcoming obstacles as a team is one of the key elements of team building.

Running route - from 3 to 5 hours, length - from 7-8 to 12-15 km, depending on the wishes, area, size and composition of the group.

Equipment and meals or parties to bear their own, or it is delivered to collection points, and the participants are traveling light.

Perhaps the inclusion in the program elements' survival in the wild: breeding a fire, cooking, camp construction - based on the TV series "The Island" and "The Last Hero".

The ability to centrally purchase, according to preliminary size, the most simple rubber boots - as the most practical footwear for the hike through challenging terrain.

Depending on luck, on the route is possible to observe wild birds and animals. From the "Big Five" Northwest (elk, wild boar, bear, wolf and beaver) - most actually see moose and beaver.

Extensive experience sports and hiking trips to the wilderness guides allows the company "Team Building Club" to organize really interesting and memorable routes.

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