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We can organize winter or summer sport fishing trips teambuilding.

In winter, if necessary, the preparation includes measuring the depth of a selected water reservoir, followed by a search for the most promising fishing spot. If you choose a trip to a remote or hard-to-access river or lake, your employees will be delivered there by all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles or towing snowmobiles. We set up a large tent on the ice for anglers and drill several holes. If necessary, we can move the tent to another location. Experienced anglers will show you how to use fishing rods, mormyshkas, bait, and lures. Getting a good catch depends, of course, on your diligence and luck, but in most cases you are guaranteed to catch at least a few fish.

In summer, you can enjoy float fishing (from the shore or the boat), and trolling - catching predatory fish from a moving boat with the use of artificial or natural bait.

In summer you can also enjoy boat fishing on remote waters. We can deliver the required number of boats to the location.

As for the fish, in the north-west region you can expect to catch perch, pike, bream, bleak and burbot.