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LARP game «Chicago 1930»

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Most of (the number of participants to 150 people!) Role-playing game that simulates the era of the Great Depression in the United States (30 years). Already adopted the "dry law", Chicago is on the verge beginning "butlegerskih wars." Several mafia clans gathered at the restaurant, which will decide the fate of the city. In addition to representatives of mafia clans in the restaurant, by coincidence, were representatives of the police, the newly formed FBI, Senator, business and so on. From that moment the game begins.

At the entrance, each guest receives a character card that contains a brief description of the character, his relationships with other characters, as well as its main goal game. Also, players receive game items - money, weapons, evidence, jewelry, police badges - in keeping with their role.

Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»

The goal - to score maximum points at the end of the evening. Each player has their own goals for which it can get points. The objectives stipulated on the character. In this case, the majority of the characters goal - to earn as much money. Some characters are playing alone, but most - the team. In this case, each member of the team can be its purpose other than the purpose of supplementing or team. At the end of the game summed up (who mafia clans managed to seize power, or the police managed to curb crime, etc.).

LARP game «Chicago 1930» Photo

  • Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»

Making room - in the entourage of the 30s (old phones, typewriter, vintage reproductions of posters, photos Chicago 30s, Thompson submachine gun, etc.)

Teambuilding LARP game «Chicago 1930»

Clothes guests - in accordance, primarily, with the era and its role. Men - white shirt, black pants, suits, suspenders, hats, bowler hats, vests. Ladies - boas, feathers, long gloves. All - mouthpieces, cigarette cases, pocket watch, tubes.

Drive PM acts on behalf of the owner of the restaurant - represents artists (music bands, magicians, etc. - anything that fits the style of the holiday), holds competitions - for various desired game items - for example, for the money, "gold watch", "decoration", etc. - On behalf of the owner of the restaurant. Leading announces "public" events - for example, possible to carry out voting for a new senator. Also announces events leading printed in the morning paper.

Dancing and music accompany the 30s: Ennio Morricone, Lowell Fulson, Nathaniel Mechaly, John Lee Hooker, Hank Shockiee, Public Enemy, David Axelrod, Plastikman, Marc Streitenfeld, Emmanuel, Anthony Hamilton, Erik Satie and others.

Maximum number of participants - 150 people!

The copyright on this game are owned by "Teambuilding Club".

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