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Bulgaria: Treasures of Nessebar

Nessebar (Nessebar) - a city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located near the large resort area "Sunny Beach". The historic part of the city - Old Nessebar - is a classic old Mediterranean city, located on a small peninsula, which was once surrounded by a fortress wall. Old Nessebar is very picturesque, there is practically no modern architecture, and many buildings have hundreds and even thousands of years. Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe, a UNESCO monument, beautiful for its narrow medieval streets, an abundance of historical buildings, as well as the presence of quality cafes and restaurants.

Nessebar is a great place to hold Photo Challenge, and due to the presence of a nearby resort area, it makes it easy to arrange accommodation and transfer to any number of participants. Accommodation is not a small number of participants possible in the historical center. From the hotels of Sunny Beach to Nessebar - from 3 to 5 kilometers, from Nessebar to the International Airport of Burgas - about 25 kilometers. Direct flights from St. Petersburg fly to Burgas airport.

Team building program in Bulgaria can be carried out from 2 days - one day beach holiday, one day - the program "Treasures of Nessebar".

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