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Chain Reaction

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Chain Reaction - team building for the construction of the Goldberg Machine from improvised means and building materials. Perfect if you need to assemble a "chain" of certain items: for example, company products. To build a “chain” of ready-made constructor elements, we recommend Goldberg Machine Teambuilding.

Creative team building, consisting in the construction of the “Goldberg Machine” - a series of mechanical devices arranged in series and triggered alternately, with each previous device launching the next one according to the “domino principle”. The creators of the chain launch the first device, and then the chain should work to the final device without any intervention from the outside.

Devices can use all the achievements of technological progress - classical gravitational mechanics (swings, pipes, slides, balls, ropes, blocks), liquids (transfusion, boats with sails), various elastic elements (elastic bands, springs), electricity (electromagnets, electric motors, bulbs), chemical reactions (melting ice, fire, etc.) and much more. It is possible to use elements of cardboard team building to build load-bearing structural elements.

The scope of the project may be different - from small chains using mostly mechanics and located in one room, to large-scale mechanisms using pyrotechnics and large objects such as refrigerators or cars.

Good for the corporate teams, loving different techniques and mechanisms, working not only by head, but by hands and with a creative approach.

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  • Teambuilding Chain Reaction
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