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Chain Reaction

Creating a series of mechanical devices in series and in turn triggered, each previous device launches next. The creators of the chain launches the first device, and then the chain should work to the final device without interference from.

The devices can use all the technological advances - the classical gravitational mechanics (swing, tube slides, balls, ropes, blocks), liquid (transfusion, boats with sails), different elastic elements (rubber bands, springs), electricity (electromagnets, electric motors, light bulbs), chemical reactions (concealing ice, fire, etc.) and much more.

The scope of the project may be different - from small chains using mostly mechanics and located in one room, to large-scale mechanisms using pyrotechnics and large objects such as refrigerators or cars.

Good for the team, loves different techniques and mechanisms work not only his head, but his hands and with a creative approach.

  • team building
  • team building
  • team building
A brief demo (does not show all possibilities, filmed "on mobile"):