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Great Britain Adventure

During a trip to the UK, we can offer the following activities:

Driving ATVs - driving on the road six-wheel all-terrain vehicle, and also a "buggy". Driving on artificial and natural barriers - sticky clay, deep trenches and ravines.

Military Day - a unique opportunity to test their strength as a driver of a heavy tank. Pereezzhanie whole (so far) of the car, shooting from old silicon guns, Tank Battle (radio-controlled tanks).

Cruise on high-speed inflatable boat RIB along the Thames in London - one of the most exciting adventures in London!

The pilot for the day - feel like an ace! Hop on a double plane between the two airfields in the UK with an instructor. View of the England top! Requires no prior training.

Day trainer - pound flock of geese in the aviary, directing the actions of your faithful and sole mate - Shepherd Collie; Try yourself in the balloon hunting birds - is an unforgettable feeling when the falcon falls in your favor!

Skydiving - skydiving with an instructor. Not for the faint of heart.

Helicopter flight to the coast. Transfer to a speed boat, two hours on a boat on the high seas - navigate blindly, knitting knots.

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