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Mafia game: Murder Mystery

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With our professional host, the game is guaranteed to be interesting, dynamic and balanced. We provide a unique setting, including the original deactivated Thompson submachine gun, as well as high-quality props for the game - masks and cards.

Mafia - role-playing game with simple rules, but interesting gameplay. In contrast to the classic role-playing games, "Mafia" can be played many times, and each time it will be interesting.

With an optimal team of 8 to 16-18 people. With less - the game ends too fast, with more - it is difficult to conduct the discussion. Supervises gameplay Lead, and sometimes his assistants.

All the players are divided into two warring factions - the "honest men of the city" and "mafia". To do this, players are dealt cards - "red" to "honest citizens" and "black" for the "mafia". You can use ordinary playing cards or special cards for the game "Mafia". Distribution of roles is "a closed", that is, each player initially only knows his role. Show your card to other players only in the moment of "death" of the character, but before then - against the rules of the game. Among the "honest citizens" are two special character - "Commissioner" and "doctor" (of course, there are other versions of the rules, but this option is best for the relationship interesting and ease of understanding and memorization). For the most balanced game for every member of the "mafia" should account for 3-4 "honest citizen".

The goal of the game (victory condition) for "honest citizens" - to destroy the "mafia". The goal of the game for "mafia" - respectively, to survive by destroying all the "honest citizens".

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  • Teambuilding Mafia game: Murder Mystery
  • Teambuilding Mafia game: Murder Mystery
  • Teambuilding Mafia game: Murder Mystery
  • Teambuilding Mafia game: Murder Mystery

Mafia game: Murder Mystery Rules

The gameplay consists of several phases, the successive - "day" and "night". The game begins with a "day". In the first "day" all the players look at their role and hide your card so that the other players could not it accidentally (or especially) to see. The master announces "night". According to the rules of the game, during the "night" all the players close their eyes. To exclude the possibility to spy, uses a wide opaque mask on the handle that players with the advent of "Night" held in front of the eyes. In the first "night" Facilitator asks "mafia" to "wake up" and get to know each other. "Mafia", "wakes up" - puts the mask and quietly for the rest of the players are familiar with, then picks up the mask. After that wakes up "Commissioner" - to Lead knew who had the role of this. And finally, after the "Commissioner" wakes up again and "falls asleep" "Doctor."

There comes a second "day" - all down mask. Now the "mafia" know each other, and honest citizens - do not know who is the "mafia". "Commissioner" and "doctor" and only know their role. During the second and all subsequent days the task of "honest citizens" - with the help of logic, analysis of words, gestures and intuition to determine who is actually a "mafia" - and destroy the alleged villain. The problem of "mafia" - divert suspicion from himself. The second day (only the second, so the next few days will be enough topics for discussion) begins with the presentation of the residents of the city. Each player in a few sentences telling about himself - who is he, what does. At the same time, of course, does not necessarily tell the truth - it is quite logical that the "mafia" will impersonate ordinary people.

After all introduced themselves, begins the nomination of candidates for the "destruction". Each player, in turn, speaks out against any other player who seems suspicious to him. After all in favor, those who "pushed" to the destruction may have the final say in his defense. After this, the vote - alternately for each candidate, taking up arms. You can vote only once (one candidate). If it turns out that for a number of candidates voted for the same number of people - a second round (and then, if necessary, third) - and is thus chosen player who "destroyed" at the end of the day. "Destruction" player shows all your card - it can be as a "mafia" and "civilians".

Then again comes the "night". "Mafia" wakes up, and signs (inaudible other players) shows presenter, whom she wants to "destroy". This player also is destroyed, and shows his card to all upon the occurrence of "day" (if it does not cure the "doctor").

Following the "mafia" wakes up "the commissioner." Commissioner gesturing to any player, and leading, as a gesture of showing "Commissioner" status of the player - "honest resident", "mafia" or "Doctor".

Then wakes up "doctor". Dr. gestures on any player (including, it can show itself), and if the "mafia" to have wanted this player to "destroy" - the player is considered to have survived (ie doctor his "cure").

Then comes the day, and everything is repeated. The game ends when either completely destroyed "mafia" or "honest citizens". If the final day remains one of the mafia and honest person - the winner is the mafia.

With a large number of players for a variety of conditions you can enter special day - for example, "Today is a day of politeness. If during the discussion would kill someone else, then he loses the right to vote "," All men called up for military training. The discussion involves only women but also they can select only the victim to their friends, "and so on.

One party usually lasts 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the quantity and experienced players. For one game session can play at least 3-4 games before the players start to tire, or even more. As attributes - cigars, hats, and, of course, automatic Thomson.

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