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Yacht Sail Regatta

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In St. Petersburg can host corporate regatta maximum of 25-30 roughly equivalent sport yacht (grade not lower Santer-760). The total capacity of all fleet vehicles can be up to 150 people, not counting at least one experienced skipper the yacht.

Super VIP teambuilding: Sea Battle (paintball on yachts).

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Yachting is a very beautiful sport. While traveling on yachts, you will see the Gulf of Finland from a completely new angle. You will be able to see and visit a lot picturesque places, islands and ancient fortifications, and one of these will provide the site for a nice dinner. You will never be able to forget such a voyage: the wind in your face, beautiful scenery, gentle sunshine, sea air and lots of fun.

Yachting is a special world, which helps to reveal the best qualities in people, such as will power, determination and leadership skills. You don’t need to have special skills or knowledge to sail a yacht; what is required is the ability to work as a team, make decisions and execute them, and not to give up even in the most desperate situations.

The program starts with the sailing regatta, which is, in fact, a tactics and teamwork competition. Later the teams will have to find the map of Treasure Island and start searching for the treasure chest hidden by pirates of the Baltic Sea on one of the islands. Along the way, participants will learn how to navigate in the open sea with the help of maps and navigational instruments. But even after you have found a treasure island, you will have to go through many trials in order to reach the cherished chest, because the pirates were not only hiding their wealth but were also setting traps on the way to them.

Sailing and search for treasures adventures will bring you back to the era of great geographical discoveries. You will feel the great spirit of those times, lots of drive. This experience will definitely leave indelible impressions and a lasting cheerful charge in all your employees.

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  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta
  • Teambuilding Yacht Sail Regatta

Education for yacht captains (bareboat skippers)

A unique team building for the team of 6-8 people. In addition to the great time spent and the pleasure of the voyage, you will receive an international certificate bareboat skipper and radio operator. Duration of the course - 14 days. The course consists of two parts - the actual training, in which the theoretical part is carried out in the classroom and practice - in the Gulf of Finland, and the crediting go to Helsinki and back. Transitions to Vyborg and islands Powerful and Hogland.

The training is conducted at the legendary cruising yacht racing "Arizona" (draft LES-35). This boat has repeatedly participated in various regattas abroad and in Russian waters, took the championship and win prizes. Many covered miles on it, and a lot of time visited the yacht at sea. During races or transitions on the yacht were present as professional sailors - mentors, and those who have come to learn sailing case for the first time. Continuing the proud tradition of the yacht, we offer training bareboat skippers to Arizona in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea - an excellent simulator for experienced and novice.

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