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Wool Flashmob

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Teambuilding Wool Flashmob

Wool team building is a flash mob in which everyone starts throwing colorful balls of wool to each other. The balls gradually unwind, forming a web that literally holds the team together!

This is a very quick, simple and visual team building in which everyone physically feels the connection within the team. The more participants, the more fun and spectacular, and beautiful and pleasant to the touch balls of wool, stretching as threads between the participants, form a dense multi-colored layer. But the most important thing is the author's finale of the woolen flashmob!

Wool Flashmob Video

Art Flashmob

Creative team building for medium, large and very large teams. The essence of team building is to create a video where the image is formed by a large number of actors who move synchronously along a certain trajectory. In this case, the shooting is carried out "from above" - from a helicopter, quadrocopter or any high object (building, mast, crane, etc.). Due to the fact that the shooting is carried out quite high, the individual participants “combine” on the screen into a single whole, forming an image, just as separate dots form an image on a TV screen.

The video script is developed in advance and may include elements of corporate style - a logo, a company name, or be completely based on a corporate profile - for example, illustrate the structure of production, or talk about the company's values. It is possible to create both static and dynamic pictures - with animation elements.

It is ideal for all guests to be dressed in the same costume (for example, white jumpsuits), but this is not necessary. It is also necessary to have enough space for a flash mob - either a large hall or a large open space.

You can use the program in addition to Big Premiere and our other programs.

Video Art Flashmob

Dance Flashmob

One of the options for a dance flash mob is a ballet class. All participants of the flash mob undergo basic training in ballet movements in advance at the ballet school, which in itself is fun and educational. No stretching and splits - simple circular movements in which the emphasis is on the smoothness and combination of movements of the arms and legs. It's time for hours of training - and now beginner dancers can show a couple of basic steps.

At the agreed time, the participants of the flash mob arrive at the scene and mingle with unsuspecting passers-by. And at the "X moment" - everyone starts dancing ballet! The reaction of the uninitiated is unpredictable - someone just stands there in surprise, someone has fun, someone starts dancing with flash mobs. And all of a sudden, at the "y moment" - everything ends, and everyone goes about their business as if nothing had happened. The reaction to the end of a flash mob is as amazing as to its beginning!

While preparing for the ballet flash mob, the team building participants will get a new experience of interaction, learn the basics of ballet movements, and get charged with a dance drive. And during the flash mob itself, they will leave their comfort zone and see their colleagues from a new perspective.

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