Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Evening party


Creative corporate program for medium, large and very large groups. The essence of the program - in the creation of the video where the image is formed by a large number of actors who synchronously move along a certain trajectory. In this shooting is done "from above" - ​​from a helicopter or quadrocopter any tall objects (buildings, masts, cranes, etc.). Due to the fact that the survey is conducted fairly high - some participants "connect" on the screen together, forming an image as individual dots form an image on the TV screen.

Video script is developed in advance and may include elements of corporate identity - logo, company name, or can be entirely based on the corporate profile - for example, to illustrate the structure of production, or to talk about the values ​​of the company. You can create both static and dynamic paintings - with animation.

Ideally, all guests will be wearing the same costumes (eg, white overalls), but this is not mandatory. Also, you must have sufficient space for the flash mob - a large hall, a large open space.

Perfect as addon for Film production teambuilding.

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