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Evening party

Shooting Range

Clay Target Shooting

Another name - "skeet", or "sporting", or "clay pigeon shooting". Is going on in the shooting range (Sporting Club, stand). Represents the shooting of 12-caliber sporting guns on round ceramic target ("plate") is emitted by a special device (machine to run targets). Sporting guns - broadly similar hunting "shotgun" 12 caliber, but have a greater resistance to wear. Participate in the shooting at the stand and everyone can - it does not require a license. Also in the Sporting Club offers rental guns for shooting and experienced instructors, all of which explain in detail and show. The recoil from firing 12 caliber quite substantial, but it softens the shock absorber on the butt and the use of high-quality cartridges. Overall - Sporting suitable for small corporate events.

Shooting Dash

target shooting allows you to experience the thrill of shooting from real firearms in a comfortable and safe environment. In-dash presents a large number of pistols of domestic and imported - PM, Margolin pistol Yarygin, Glock 17 and others. Well presented semi-automatic carbines and rifles - the famous M16, Mauser 98 (rifle of the German army first and second world wars), SVT-40 (the best semi-automatic rifle of World War II), Mosin rifle ("trehlineyka"), SVD Dragunov sniper rifle, a Kalashnikov rifle AK-74 semi-automatic version and many others. To visit the shooting range does not require any license.

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