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Incentive: 2 days

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Survival course

The course consists of practical knowledge and skills for surviving in an extreme situation, and overcoming it without any harm to your health. The aim of the course is to develop some practical survival skills and confidence in a person in case of extreme situations.

Team building consists of one or two days of training by experienced instructors (you will get some basic theoretical information and develop some essential practical skills), and one or two days of completely autonomous existence in the wild.

Key aspects of the survival course you will be taught:

Sequence of steps while dealing with an extreme situation:

  • to handle injuries
  • to construct a shelter
  • to make fire
  • to find water
  • to find food

First aid:

  • how to treat a superficial injury
  • how to prevent hypothermia and apply first aid in case of hypothermia and frostbite, dehydration, food poisoning, snake and insect bites.

Preparation for the night:

  • How to select a location for the night and search for natural shelter,
  • How to build a simple shelter in the quickest time.


  • How to start a fire in any weather,
  • How to start a fire with a flint or first aid kit.


  • How to find a water source.
  • How to extract water from plants in different ways,
  • How to disinfect water by various methods - boiling, filtering, using the available chemicals.


  • How to recognize main edible and inedible plants and berries,
  • How to eat insects and larvae (they are almost all edible ;)
  • How to recognize main edible and inedible mushrooms,
  • How to trap birds, snakes, rodents, small reptiles, how to collect birds' eggs
  • How to fish with the help of simple tools.

Additional aspects:

  • Hazards in extreme situations: how to behave around wildlife, how to make it through difficult parts of the path (rivers, swamps, rocks, avalanche areas), what to do in case of high winds, rain, thunderstorms.
  • How to orienteer with the help of the sun, the stars, and the natural signs.
  • How to make simple devices: a fishing hook and a water tank.
  • How to select the optimal set of items for survival in extreme situations.
  • How to signal distress.

The course takes place in the Republic of Karelia.

The size of the group is not more than 8 people.