Christmas party

Incentive: 2 days

Incentive: world

Land of the Rising Sun

... 1274. To the islands of the rising sun approaching armada of ships Mongols. Fearless samurai ready for defense, but his strength is clearly not equal. Emperor Kamakura raising an army. At this time, Shogun tries to decipher ancient manuscript, after the tradition of calling the Great Fuji eruption. If the eruption occurs, it will cause a tsunami that would destroy the ships of the Mongols. But the manuscript is written in a lost language, and Shogun throws cry to distant provinces so that all the subjects of the Emperor began to search for the key to the cipher manuscript. In the palace of the Emperor's troops begin to gather Auction Hunters ...

Participants team building act as arrivals to the call of the Emperor Auction Hunters whose purpose - teamed immediately start looking for the key to the cipher. To gather the crumbs of the key team overcome the following tests:

  • Sushi - Emperor chef shows various options for sushi. Participants will repeat what he saw.
  • Origami - Guided scheme to collect origami from a large sheet of drawing paper.
  • Karate - Follow the instructions of the teacher to perform a series of exercises - Kato.
  • Geisha - repeat geisha dance.
  • Hawk - to compose a Japanese poem - "Hoku" according to the rules.
  • Rickshaw - to build a palanquin made of bamboo and solemnly carry one of the participants.
  • Yakuza - need to ingratiate himself with the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) - for this we need to paint one of the participants thin lines in a certain way (similar to the ritual tattoos).
  • Rice Paradise - to pass a hill of rice from one place to another using only "sticks».
  • Character - draw on the sand log character as a team.
  • Drums - learn Japanese drummer actions (almost juggler).
  • shoes - demanding tours in the national wooden shoes.

The manuscript deciphered. Shogun appeals to Fuji.

Fuji erupts! The Mongols defeated. Japan is safe.

The Emperor arranges a holiday!

  • team building
  • team building