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Ship Construction

Creative team building for building a large sailing ship, aimed at development:

Teambuilding Ship Construction

This complex engineering problem, like Goldberg Machine, can only be solved by the joint efforts of the entire team. Each team builds one of the ship's segments, including part of the hull (divided by frames), a mast, rigging and spars. Construction is carried out according to simple and understandable schemes, which, nevertheless, accurately simulate the real sailing armament of the ship.

The height of the ship is limited by the height of the ceilings, the length depends on the number of teams. Average sizes are 3-4 meters in height and 5-6 meters in length.

Teambuilding Ship Construction

During the team building process, you will become familiar with basic nautical terms and learn how a foremast differs from a mizzen mast, what a topmast is, what a yard is for, and how to choose the correct bowsprit length.

There can be several ships, each of which is built by three to seven teams. In this case, you can arrange a final competition - whose ship will cover the distance as quickly as possible!

In addition to the design task of building the hull and spar, team building consists of the creative task of cutting and painting sails. Special paints and markers will allow you to decorate the ship in a corporate style, apply the company logo and motto, design a latrine figure and a stern flag. When the sails are ready, they are secured to the yards using rigging - shrouds and stays.

It is possible to decorate a room for a photo shoot in a marine or pirate theme - fishing nets, barrels, anchors, and also issue corporate bandanas or vests to all team building participants.

As soon as all the segments of the ship are ready, they are combined into one large ship, and the main intrigue of the program occurs - the teams fill the sails with wind, and the ship rushes forward with all sails!

Teambuilding Ship Construction

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