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Cup painting master class from the masters of the St. Petersburg Imperial Porcelain Factory, founded in 1744.

For teambuilding, the blanks of the entire product line of the factory can be used: a tea or coffee pair (a plate and a cup), a large plate, a teapot or a coffee pot made of hard and thin-walled "bone" porcelain, and various figurines.

Teambuilding is held anywhere - from the office and the conference hall to the territory of the suburban recreation center.

Depending on the wishes of the participants of team building, it is possible to create their own unique pattern, or a pattern based on classic motifs - for example, the famous "cobalt grid" - a business card of the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

After the painting, the products are sent to the plant for baking, and in a few days they are returned to the owners. Finished products are fully functional, and the quality of production, coloring and firing does not differ from the standard products of the plant.

Imperial porcelain is a beautiful and functional gift for every home.

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