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Radio Day

We offer you to create your own radio station for one day. Radio Day - a studio in your office. Team building Scale with a minimum budget and maximum involvement.

How does it works?

Since the beginning of the working day and before it is completed, each employee will be able to listen to the radio on your computer, designed specifically for your company.

Two leading professional, favorite music, competitions with gifts, jingles specially invented advertising, summing up the year and the opportunity to ask a question, participants of the event or the management of the company - all this will be possible thanks to the "Radio Day».

All you need to make the employee - to open the link, which will come in the newsletter for internal communication. Open Windows Media Player software and the employee will be able to enjoy the radio station, created specifically for him.

What do I need to create a radio?

  • Isolated room with a big table and chairs (5 pcs.), And with Internet access. In this room will be available radio studio.
  • Meeting with the IT-specialist companies. We need to understand in advance what restrictions there is on the network (each company they own). Is it possible to make streaming (64 kb / s or 250 Mb of 9:00 ether) on a single device? Is it possible to connect our computers to the network? Does mobile Internet work indoors (3G / 4G)? Which computers installed in offices (laptop or PC)? Are computer speakers / headphones? What programs are installed on the computers in the offices of the default (requires Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash Player)?
  • For a week before the event we perform a test run radio (without lead, only music and inspection equipment).
  • Advance to notify all employees about plans to "Radio Day" in your office.
Radio teambuilding