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We offer fully mobile adventure quest "room escape", which is mounted in a two hours in virtually any room (with prior access to schedule, or in a four hours without access).

But that's not all! In contrast to the classic quest-rooms, in our team building can participate up to 10 teams (40 people) at the same time! On a special order - perhaps a greater number of participants. You do not have to stand in line to get the quest - all play at the same time, and strive for a common goal! (the aim may be opening the door if this is within the premises, or opening the safe, or treasure chest or something like that). More than smart (or lucky) team sooner or later begin to help the less savvy, and to finish all the teams arrive at the same time, reaching (or not reaching hehe) a common goal. Nevertheless, the game has a points counting for the different teams, which allows distinguished award. Duration of team building - from 30 to 60 minutes.

We have many years of experience in the creation and operation of the classic quest rooms. "The classic quest-room" - permanently equipped room, where a team of 2-4 people for one hour to solve various puzzles, moving on the script in order to open the door and get out.

Exclusive offer - "Get out of the island." The team is thrown at one of the island forts of Kronstadt , the team's task is to get out of the island. Based on classic quest rooms, but on a vast territory and with much greater realism. "Escape from the island" is also suitable for a private event, for example an exclusive birthday party.

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  • Teambuilding Mobile Escape Room
  • Teambuilding Mobile Escape Room

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