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Big Picture

The whole team is painting one giant picture. The more team building participants, the more, and most importantly, the more detailed, the final picture is obtained. For the basis of the picture, you can choose any image - a photograph of a person or an object, a logo, a classic of world fine art, a thematic composition.

Teambuilding Team Painting

The main intrigue that stirs up the interest of the participants is that no one knows what kind of picture will turn out in the end. We deliberately made it so that it is completely impossible to understand this part of the picture that each team paints! And only by putting all the parts together, and moving away at a sufficient distance, you can understand what is depicted on the canvas!

Teambuilding Team Painting

Team Pictures

A big master class in oil painting, where several artists will paint each painting at the same time, and each artist will paint several paintings at once! Thus, in just a couple of hours, a whole gallery of finished works made on canvas with oil paints will be ready.

Participants of art team building, united in several teams, paint pictures on various topics. Each theme can be set in advance or invented by the artists themselves. It is possible to use objects or images for imitation, as well as completely free creativity. The painting process of each team is monitored by a professional artist, helping and teaching.

Quiz Team Painting

Team Painting Photo

  • Teambuilding Team Painting
  • Teambuilding Team Painting
  • Teambuilding Team Painting
  • Teambuilding Team Painting
  • Teambuilding Team Painting

Team building "Team paintings" consists of a painting session and an exhibition. All artists submit their creations to the exhibition for evaluation by a competent jury and other artists. Possible awards in nominations - "Original Technique", "World Classics", "Fierce Thrash" and others. After the winners are awarded, the finished paintings are sent to dry, and in a few days they can already decorate the walls of an office or home.

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