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Balloon Space Launch

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The program team building is as follows: in the sky starts big balloon, inflated safe for humans and the nature of helium. By the ball is attached to the container navigation equipment and a video camera. Balloon takes off and rises to a height of 15-30 thousand meters. Then the balloon bursts, and a container with a parachute falls to the ground.

All the flight takes about three hours and completely recorded on a camcorder. In most cases fallen container hangs on the tree, the organizers sent to find him, find him and get the video.

Before the camera can be installed signs with company logo, which will be in the frame for the entire flight. Installation of a remote camera that the entire flight will take off the flag of the Company or, for example, a subject she produced. The logo of the ball is drawn and the container.

Good as part of Flashmob, Chain reaction etc.

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  • Teambuilding Balloon Space Launch

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