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Morocco: Sahara Challenge

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Travel by jeep through the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains. A visit to the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the Sahara desert, a night in the desert, camel safaris and quad biking. The organizer of the ground part of the journey - the company Tim Building Club.

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  • Teambuilding Morocco: Sahara Challenge
  • Teambuilding Morocco: Sahara Challenge
  • Teambuilding Morocco: Sahara Challenge

Morocco - westernmost country of ancient Maghreb. Moroccans practiced mainly Islam, but in one of the most loyal of his forms, so everywhere you can find mosques and Christian churches, standing side by side. Also, there are Jewish and traditional Berber villages. This is the former "French" part of Africa, so in French and Arabic in Morocco speak more than English.

Rally held at Toyota Lendkruizer. Crew - 2 (or more) people, the driver and navigator, changing roles. Before the start instruction is carried on driving and use of navigation. Also, each day there are detailed briefings, as the track different days vary considerably. The route is basically the same with one of the routes Paris-Dakar rally. All participants follow the route marked on the control points. There are different tests - the absolute rate at actual mileage expended on travel time.

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Each machine is equipped with a set of Sand Shoe (metal or plastic "boards" that puts the wheels in case of jamming of the car when driving through the desert), durable snatch rope, shovel, radio for communication between crews, navigation equipment.

Teambuilding Morocco: Sahara Challenge

During the rally the participants to be more machine in the event of a major failure and technicals, tow truck and two cars with the support of the organizers, instructors, cook and doctor. Accompanying a group of doctors has everything you need for emergency care.

Before the start of the training is conducted to test the ability to check the crew to navigate and operate the vehicle in overcoming the sand dunes.

The route previously, starts from the capital of Morocco - Rabat, and runs towards the Sahara desert pass through mountains and Berber villages of Merzouga, Shashma, Mhamid, Fumzgid, Kasbah and ends in the city of Marrakech.

The route passes through the different types of landscape - sand, dunes, mountains, prairie, forest, rivers, salt lakes. Overnight stay organized mainly in tents in the desert oases or.

As a bonus stages can be organized canyoning (Rappelling the waterfall) at Lake Cathedral, quad bike safaris, visits berberovskoy village.

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