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Caviar Casino

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Caviar Casino is a competitive game in which guests taste various caviar and place bets on the type of fish it belongs to. The game involves from 9 to 12 varieties of caviar, combined into three or four rounds. In each round, guests place bets on different combinations, similar to poker. Players will have to distinguish chum salmon caviar from trout caviar, capelin caviar from flying fish caviar, and pike caviar from halibut caviar. At the same time, you need to be careful with the color and not fall into the trap of imitation caviar!

The original rules of the game and the special layout of the field give the game excitement and dynamics, constantly raising the stakes and maintaining intrigue until the end!

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  • Teambuilding Caviar Casino
  • Teambuilding Caviar Casino
  • Teambuilding Caviar Casino

The game uses poker chips, or those specially printed for any type of “fan-money” event. During the tasting, the croupier talks about the caviar presented, types of fish, methods of fishing and production, and also answers questions from guests. And although the game does not use real money, Caviar Casino is a very gambling game!

Teambuilding Caviar Casino

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