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Want to see the world from a bird's eye view? Get an unforgettable experience from a romantic air ride? Now it's easier than ever! We invite ladies to try themselves in the role of a real balloonist!

Two flight options are possible:

A hot air balloon ride can be organized anywhere where there is an open area free from trees, buildings, power lines and other high-rise objects with an area of at least 50x50 meters. From 3-4 to 10 people are placed in the basket of one balloon, including an experienced pilot. The duration of the ascent is 5-10 minutes. It is possible to organize lifts simultaneously on several balloons. All this makes it possible to use lifts “on a leash”, including at large corporate events.

No special skills are required to fly in a hot air balloon. The balloon is operated by experienced pilots. Only certified equipment from leading European manufacturers is used.

Team building in a balloon is a great original gift for a birthday, a country wedding or a private party.

From experience, the main disadvantage of flying even "on a leash" — unpredictable weather in St. Petersburg. It is impossible to plan a flight for a specific date, only for a period of dates with the choice of the appropriate one, which makes balloon flights unsuitable for corporate events.

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