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SUVs - are well suited for a country event where you can arrange the track using natural obstacles. On the track, you can use jumps, steep slopes, shallow water obstacles - powerful and reliable SUVs overcome any obstacles. Management SUV simple and intuitive, and the feeling - it is realistic due to the presence of shock absorbers, differentials, suspension and other elements of the "real" car. On the housing can accommodate customer's logo.

Road models - suitable for racing on asphalt on the marked trails. Speed ​​- up to 70 kilometers per hour, completely realistic proportional control of gas and steering, professional sports chassis - gives a full sense of control sports car.

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Manage radio-controlled airplane, helicopter and even more so - not an easy job, and very few people get the first time. Therefore such models rolled hardly used. But with the help of a radio-controlled helicopter can be arranged aerial video shooting - see the world as it is seen by the birds. Video and photo shoot with a radio-controlled helicopter - is mobility, security, opportunity of shooting at high and low altitudes, making any turns, work in confined spaces (buildings, trees).

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To use a radio-controlled boat needs a quiet pond with enough water. On the pond using buoys organized track with start and finish. Management of boat - simple and clear, the speed - up to 50 kilometers per hour, and high maneuverability allows the passage of enough twists and turns. Dimensions cutters - about 40 centimeters in length. On the housing can accommodate customer's logo or event.

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