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The hunt for "fox"

Another name for "fox hunting" - "sports radio direction-finding." This sport appeared in the hunt for spies, transmit secret information to the enemy with the help of portable radios, the type of radio operator Kat. To counter the villains were created training equipment - transmitters and receivers for testing measures to catch spies.

In the countryside, usually in some woodland in advance undisclosed location hidden transmitters - they "fox", they are also emitters of radio signals. Each transmitter emits a signal at its particular frequency, a signal is emitted uniformly in all directions. Depending on the task - a signal may be transmitted continuously or at intervals, for example one minute, the transmitter operates four minutes silent. The distance from the start to the transmitter can vary from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, and also between the transmitters.

To find a special receiver with a directional antenna - which means that if you point the antenna in the direction of the transmitter - receiver catches a strong signal, and if the point the antenna to the side or in the opposite direction - the receiver catches a weak signal or no catches. The same manner, with the aid of the receiver can determine the direction of "fox". The distance to the fox unknown. At the receiver, there is usually a frequency control, volume control and headphone jack for convenient operation.

The participants' task fox hunting - as quickly as possible to find all the transmitters. Search is complicated by the fact that only known direction - but the shortest way is not always the fastest. It is necessary to consider the location of roads, trails, streams, terrain - not always to the transmitter can be reached in a straight line. Member, as quickly as the finder of all transmitters and returned to the finish line is declared the winner.

Fox hunt usage: Mega games and Great Race.