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Nerf Battle

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Nerf is a super-soft version of paintball, without paint and pain. We use the latest Nerf Rival blasters - powerful and accurate. Nerf Rival blasters shoot reusable soft balls, and although getting into any part of the body is absolutely painless, for 100% safety we play in masks.

Nerf teambuilding scenarios run from the classic team-to-team game to a duel in the Wild West style, when opponents stand at a distance with their backs to each other and turn and shoot at the signal.

Indoor playground is a best venue for nerf teambuilding, such as an indoor soccer field or any indoor sports field with inflatable figures-shelters, such as figures for paintball, installed. In the open air the teambuilding area can be fenced with a net to reduce the the balls loss. You can play just on the lawn, but in this case, the loss of part of the balls is inevitable.

"Nerf battle" can be included in the teambuilding program "Big Racing", "Mega Games", or combined with the Archery tag or Laser Tag.

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  • Teambuilding Nerf Battle
  • Teambuilding Nerf Battle
  • Teambuilding Nerf Battle
  • Teambuilding Nerf Battle

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