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Theater and Orchestra


Some participants can produce (stage direction) and perform a play for the entire staff of the company.

The preparation process may take several days or even weeks. The first thing you will have to do is to select a scenario or genre. There are a variety of options available, but producing a musical is the optimal choice, since it is very colorful and not so much dependant on the acting itself. The script can be either classic (The Bremen Town Musicians, Mowgli, Dead Souls, Master and Margarita), avant-garde or even absurd.

And of course, the script can be changed and altered as you prefer. But it is important to keep in mind that the secret of a successful performance is audience appreciation, and the goal of the producers and performers is to maintain audience interest. After you have chosen the script, the rehearsals start, followed by choreography classes. At the same time the costumes are prepared and the scenery is constructed (partly or wholly) by the company’s staff. When everything is ready, the final rehearsal takes place, complete with sound effects, makeup, special effects, and background scenery. Now it is time for the anticipated premiere in front of the whole company in a solemn but friendly atmosphere.


Do you like music but have never played an instrument? That is what you really need! After several rehearsals everyone in your group will be astounded by their colleagues’ performances in a real orchestra.

People without any special knowledge or musical talent will put on a concert with a live orchestra. Just as with the theater, everything is done for the audience, and rehearsals are aimed at preparation of the final performance for the entire company.

The first step is to choose the instruments, and then, with the help of an experienced conductor, decide who will play what and choose a suitable piece of music. Depending on the length and complexity of the composition, the preparation may take anywhere from several hours to several days.

You will use all types of instruments – percussion (drums, cymbals), a variety of wind instruments, strings and keyboards, both acoustic and electronic (synthesized). Training is conducted by professional musicians. After the final rehearsal the orchestra performs in public under the guidance of an experienced conductor.


One of the options - drum band. Allows you to get a great result very quickly - after an hour of rehearsal the orchestra would sound very good. As tools are only used drums of various shapes and sizes, the drum is provided to each participant. Training allows you to experience the sense of rhythm and learn to control it and to unlock the creative potential in the game of improvisation. Also develops perception, attention, memory, liberating the participants and brings harmony.

Best choice: Movie making.

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