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Drum Team Building

One of the options is a drum orchestra. Allows you to get an excellent result very quickly - after an hour of rehearsal, the orchestra will sound very good. Only drums of various shapes and sizes are used as instruments, a drum is provided to each participant. Training allows you to feel the sense of rhythm and learn how to control it, as well as unleash your creativity in the improvisational game. It also develops perception, attention, memory, liberates participants and brings harmony.

Best option: Big Premiere.

Drums Teambuilding Video

Big Orchestra

Performance of a piece of music by a group that initially does not have any special knowledge and skills in music. Just like in the case of the theater, everything is done for the audience, and rehearsals are aimed at preparing a performance in front of the whole team.

The composition of the orchestra is determined, suitable instruments are selected together with an experienced conductor, and a suitable piece is determined. Depending on the length and complexity of the work, as well as the size of the orchestra, the preparation may take from several hours to several days.

All kinds of instruments are used - percussion (drums, cymbals), various wind, strings and keyboards. Both acoustic and electronic (synthesizers) versions of instruments are used. Training is conducted by professional musicians.

After rehearsals, the orchestra performs in public with its work, under the guidance of an experienced conductor.

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