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Drum Team Building

Drum team building is a meeting where the whole team can learn to play real ethnic drums of various shapes and sizes from Africa, Brazil, America, Cuba, Turkey and India. Try yourself in a new role - musician, artist, conductor or soloist. Get a new experience of musical interaction and look at yourself and your colleagues from a new point of view. Feel like part of a real orchestra, have fun and realize your natural talents.

The idea of drum training as a developing event belongs to the Nigerian drummer Babatunde Olatunji, who first spoke about the ancient traditional methods of communication using ethnic drums and music.

Drums Teambuilding Video

Our presenters are famous musicians who work with modern pop stars. They not only conduct training, but also help participants relax, dynamically, interestingly and usefully spend time.

Drum training allows you to feel the sense of rhythm and learn to control it, as well as unleash your creative potential in improvisational play. Develops perception, attention, memory, liberates participants and brings harmony.

No musical skills are required, instruments will be handed out on site and everyone will have a drum.

In just 10 minutes the first music played with your own hands will begin to sound, and after an hour of rehearsal the orchestra will sound very good.


Drums Teambuilding can become an element or sound design of team building cinema.

Big Orchestra

Performing a piece of music not only on drums, but on various musical instruments. Team building is designed for a team that initially does not have any special knowledge and skills in music. Success is achieved through the effect of synergy - each musician will be assigned to play only one note, but this must be done at a certain moment. Thanks to an experienced conductor and teamwork, the sound of individual instruments merges into a melody.

It is possible to conduct it in a studio to record a video, or to prepare a “live” performance, where preliminary rehearsals are aimed at preparing the performance in front of the audience.

Depending on the composition of the orchestra, the most suitable instruments are selected together with an experienced conductor, and the piece is determined. Depending on the length and complexity of the piece, as well as the size of the orchestra, preparation can take from several hours to several days.

All kinds of instruments are used - percussion (drums, cymbals), various wind instruments, strings and keyboards. Both acoustic and electronic (synthesizer) versions of instruments are used. Training is conducted by professional musicians.

After rehearsals, the orchestra performs its work under the guidance of an experienced conductor.

Drums Teambuilding Video

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