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This is the kind of corporate events when important not so much the idea - it is simple and clear as implementation. Theoretically, the "home" can be built out of anything - cardboard boxes, plywood sheets, balloons. But in practice, the best option is, as in the real construction, combination of different structural materials. What it is - depends on the direction of the customer, budget and imagination. In addition to the above - it can be foam or polystyrene foam, wooden slats, plasterboard.

To be the house was interesting - it is essential to organize an objective assessment of construction: firstly, subject to the applicable tools and materials. To do this, you can arrange the exchange of materials for play money - which, in turn, stand builders or receive for any services (job competitions), or have a fixed amount if the construction of the house - the main part of the script. Second - it is necessary to objectively evaluate the result of construction. The result can be evaluated for any pre-specified parameters - the height of the structure, its size, external and internal aesthetics. As is the case with the materials is optimal combination of evaluation parameters competent jury. It is also possible assessment of other teams - when built several houses in different groups.

From the technical nuances - it is necessary to conduct safety training for handling tools, and apply the "all-weather" materials, in the case of outdoor construction.

We recommend Chain reaction as better construction teambuilding.

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