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Building a house from huge blocks - feel like Minecraft!

Team building for the construction of objects from large soft blocks - houses, bridges, towers! It is possible to build buildings of your own design, or stylized masterpieces of world architecture - the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum or the Empire State Building. Construction is possible both indoors with sufficient ceiling height and outdoors. Despite the apparent simplicity, the construction of some elements is a difficult task - because for safety reasons, builders cannot rise above the ground above one block!

In addition to construction, the teams will have to decorate the façade - paint the fabric “coats” placed on the blocks. It is possible to pre-apply markings for painting - lines of doors and windows, outlines of architectural elements, as well as a company logo.

It is possible to organize the construction of a house from various building materials. The choice of materials depends on the location: for indoor team building, cardboard is good, for an outdoor event with the possibility of precipitation, “all-weather” materials such as plywood, polystyrene foam and wooden slats are suitable. In this case, special attention is paid to safety precautions when handling the tool. The combination of different building materials makes construction quick and efficient.

Construction is carried out either according to a drawing diagram, which indicates the layer-by-layer sequence of assembly - if you need to get the result as quickly as possible, or according to the general appearance of the structure - if the goal is to develop a strategy for the team and find solutions. Depending on the type of structure - house, bridge or tower, the construction method is chosen - either direct assembly from blocks, or assembly of the entire volume with further extraction of elements.

Teambuilding Build-A-House

This quick and visual team building is perfect as the opening or finale of a large event, as well as as an independent element of the program. The team will receive a visible result, which is only possible through joint efforts.

Competitive format

Competition of builders is also possible: for this we will limit the materials used and carry out an objective assessment. The restriction on materials is intended to put all teams on equal terms, and is implemented either by the same materials for each team, or by an “exchange” of materials, with their conditional “sale” to teams that have the same amounts of game money.

The result of construction team building can be assessed according to any pre-agreed parameters - design, height, area, external and internal aesthetics. As in the case of materials, the optimal combination is the assessment of all parameters by a competent jury. It is also possible to evaluate by other teams - when several houses are built by different teams.

At the end of the team building, a photo shoot of the entire team is held in the house or in front of it, or an advertising video or “bullet time” is filmed.

Team building Building a House is a big, grown-up LEGO!

Build-A-House can become an element of Goldberg Machine team building

Teambuilding Build-A-House

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