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Captain Grant Mystery

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The game journey through Bulgaria. The team goes in search of Captain Grant once in her hand gets sealed bottle with a message. In the document does not contain fragments that need to be recovered, going the route in the footsteps of Captain. Participants have to collect items and messages Grant guess its location. Missing keys are located in caches hidden in picturesque areas Belogradchik Rocks, in the secret corners of ancient fortresses. On the route used rope bridges, rope ladders, bungee. Natural obstacles (caves, tunnels, slopes, canyons) form a cascade of exciting adventures. There are 3 levels of difficulty. Hazardous Area team members equip protective equipment.

The game is played on the following areas:

At the same time video footage of all significant events. The final video is combined with fragments of the original film as a regular series of "Captain Grant". Performed original pereozvuchivanie and record a movie on DVD.

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  • Teambuilding Captain Grant Mystery

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