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In search of Captain Grant

The game journey through Bulgaria. The team goes in search of Captain Grant once in her hand gets sealed bottle with a message. In the document does not contain fragments that need to be recovered, going the route in the footsteps of Captain. Participants have to collect items and messages Grant guess its location. Missing keys are located in caches hidden in picturesque areas Belogradchik Rocks, in the secret corners of ancient fortresses. On the route used rope bridges, rope ladders, bungee. Natural obstacles (caves, tunnels, slopes, canyons) form a cascade of exciting adventures. There are 3 levels of difficulty. Hazardous Area team members equip protective equipment.

The game is played on the following areas:

  • «Belogradchik Rocks" - a natural phenomenon. Bizarre rocks extend over a large area, located in the north-western part of Bulgaria, 40 km from the Serbian border. Belogradchik rocks have been used as natural scenery for a variety of feature and documentary films. All, in these places was filmed more than 70 Bulgarian, American and European films. Andrzej Wajda shot in Belogradchik Rocks episodes of his masterwork - "Ashes". Here starring Gojko Mitic, Christopher Lambert, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Max von Sydow et al., Vasily Livanov filmed in Belogradchik "The Return of Don Quixote" with Armenia Dzhigarhanyanom and Mikhail Ulyanov.

    In 1985, Stanislav Govorukhin finished shooting the film "In Search of Captain Grant", where the most unique full-scale frames, reproduce Patagonia, were shot in the vicinity of Belogradchik. Teams will learn how to navigate in the mountains, bearing their own names (Shepherd, Bear, Madonna and others.).

  • The fortress "Kaleto". The fortress was built between 100 - 300 year of the first millennium as a fortification.
  • Magura cave - the largest cave in the Balkans. The cave held lighting, special equipment is required. The route length of 900 m. The cave will open the next message of the missing pieces of Captain Grant. Participants will open cave paintings of prehistoric people, quaint rooms of stalactites and stalagmites. At the exit of the cave overlooks the largest natural (karst) lake in Bulgaria - lake Rabisha.
  • Protective Structures Bulgarian-Serbian war in 1885 preserved since the last century fortified stone bunkers with sprouted ancient oaks. Search a war trophy - a flask with an encrypted message.
  • As well as the Indian camp, Baba Vida fortress, an island in the Danube Delta, a ghost town Rajec (Serbia).

At the same time video footage of all significant events. The final video is combined with fragments of the original film as a regular series of "Captain Grant". Performed original pereozvuchivanie and record a movie on DVD.