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Game Masters

A series of abstract dueling games that can be played both against the Master and against each other.

We have selected the world's best games with simple rules that can be explained in just a couple of minutes, but at the same time, a very exciting gameplay. The game party lasts from three to ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the type of game and the mood of the players. Most games are designed for two players (or two teams), but some allow for three or four players (or teams).

Games are made in large size, from natural pleasant materials - wood and metal. It is convenient and interesting to play in them, but it is also interesting to watch the fight. Games can be positioned on the table, or installed on a separate base.

The Game Masters are suitable for any type of event, on any venue, and guarantee high guest engagement. Games can be either a stand-alone program or an addition to any team building program.

Teambuilding Game Masters


Surround the big "comet" of the enemy with your "planets". The task is complicated by the fact that all the "planets" are chained in pairs, and can only move to the crater that they can reach.


Move your meeple (chip) to the opposite edge of the field. On your turn, you can either move the piece or build obstacles to your opponent.

Teambuilding Game Masters


Collect a row of four shapes with at least one common feature. The task is complicated by the fact that your opponent chooses the piece for the move!


A wonderful skill game - table curling. The players' task is to knock the opponent's discs out of the central sector in order to score more points, or to occupy the central hole with their discs.

Teambuilding Game Masters


A game of skill and attentiveness: you need to put the "planets" on the "galaxy" in turn so that none of them fall.


Fold a three-sided pyramid of black and white cubes so that at least two of the three sides have more cubes of the color desired by the player.

Teambuilding Game Masters


A new version of tic-tac-toe on the 5x5 field - in your turn, you can take any side cube, move the entire row, and take the vacant place with your symbol. Each move completely changes the balance of power!

21 balls

Remove one, two or three balls from the board one by one. The winner is the one who forced the opponent to take the last ball.

Teambuilding Game Masters


Building a tower of black and white balls according to certain rules. The player who places the ball of his color on the top of the tower wins.

Fort Boyard Clue Game

The classic game of Elder Fura, for memory and attentiveness. The master opens the box for a few seconds, after which the players repeat the sequence of colored balls from memory. The winner is the one who repeated the sequence without errors.

More games to be added soon!

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