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Laser Tag - literally "light mark". Initially, an electronic-mechanical system installed on small arms to simulate combat operations during the training of special forces soldiers. It consists of an "emitter" (actually a "laser" - a laser diode, in fact - a powerful light bulb installed in a pipe) and a "receiver" - an electronic sensor that registers a change in illumination. The emitter is attached to the weapon, the receiver - somewhere on the fighter's body (usually on the head with a bandage), and voila - you can train without the risk of injury.

The equipment for playing laser tag also consists of a "tagger" - having a real weight and an impressive appearance, and a headband connected by a wire. When fired, the tag gun makes characteristic sounds, but, unlike paintball, nothing flies anywhere - just a laser diode fires inside the tag gun, and if the tag gun is aimed towards the enemy, a hit is recorded on the enemy’s head sensor - the player is defeated. Thus, they play laser tag without masks, in any clothes (clothing does not get dirty), anywhere - in the forest, at a recreation center, on the street. This is one of the main advantages of laser tag - the ability to use any territory for team building, as well as the presence of "civilians" - not participating in the game, but located on the territory.

Each tagger can be configured in different ways - to have a different number of "charges", different striking ability, to have an optical or collimator sight.

To play laser tag, as well as in paintball, various scenarios are used - "wall to wall", "capture the flag", "defense-attack", "cleansing". Light, pyrotechnic products and other equipment can be used. To organize spawn points, electronic blocks are used that restore energy and charges in the equipment of fighters. "Field kits" and electronic "points" for capture and retention may also be used (depending on the scenario).

Teambuilding Laser Tag

The main pros and cons of laser tag compared to paintball:


Teambuilding Laser Tag


In general, laser tag is a good addition to the traditional game of paintball, for certain tasks.

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