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LARP game «Wild West»

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The confrontation desperate murderous cowboys and Indians, the construction of railways through the wasteland, bank robberies and caravans, Gold Rush, hunting buffalo and $ 1,000 per head capo "Hole in Wall»!

Go heyday frontier - a time when it is already known throughout the world, that he promises wealth and fame, but requires a lot of effort to pay, sometimes even taking the life. And if you have enough courage to try to acquire wealth and fame in the prairie under threat of instant death from an arrow or bullet bandit Indians, and if you true Colt and valor first settlers - Welcome to the Wild West!

Teambuilding LARP game «Wild West»

Once a generation of three Indian tribes gather at the Great Council of Tribes. It is on it they decide how to divide the land of the Valley Prosperity for grazing and hunting. And on it they show courage and strength of their soldiers, not from war or other civil strife. But this time, not all the land will be divided Valley Prosperity - a few years ago appeared on the shores of the white people. They took the land as their own ancestors, grow on their own bread and graze their cattle. So far, they have not much land to oppress the tribes, but what will happen next - is an issue that the chiefs and shamans should discuss on the Big Board.

LARP game «Wild West» Photo

  • Teambuilding LARP game «Wild West»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Wild West»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Wild West»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Wild West»
  • Teambuilding LARP game «Wild West»

The farmers of three families, as well as the inhabitants of the town know about the Indian festival, because it is on it, these savages will make noise, sing and dance, fight, and that it is important to show less attention to their frankly excessive grazing. And the debt settlers, white man's burden, to bring civilization to these lands. After growth of the city and culture will make life better not only for the settlers, but also Indians, if they are able to accept the fact that life changes.

The city came geologists and railroad builders - their success depends on the prosperity of local residents - to be a city or town with farms with farms, mines, and railroads - two different things. But the city's success in this case usually turns into losses for farmers - it's on their lands will build all future wealth. Well, if it is, of course, does not receive compensation for damage to the land.

Teambuilding LARP game «Wild West»

In the game you will have to wait: grazing and cattle rustling, hunting buffalo, land grab (pastures and territories), exploration of mines, the planning of railways, shooting, fight, hit the prisoner, trade and economics, hunting lawyers bandits, arrests and shoots.

What does this affect your life on the frontier - to choose to you and only you. After all, the main goal - getting pleasure from the game!

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